This page helps wade through some of the cake lingo that will allow you to order exactly the goody you want! 

TIER: Each tier consists of 2 layers.  A tier might also be refered to as a "level".

TORTE: Another word for layer.  Each tier is a double torte unless otherwise noted.

BUTTERCREAM:  AHHHHH!!!!  Pure bliss!  This is the icing I use on each cake (even if it is covered in fondant).  ALWAYS made with real butter !  YUMMO!  A buttercream finish does not have fondant placed over it.

FONDANT: A sugar dough that is placed over a cake after it has been iced in buttercream.  Fondant leaves a very smooth finish.  It can also be used to create figures, cake accents and other decorative objects.  All of my fondant is homemade and made fresh for your cake!

GUMPASTE: Harder than fondant and is typically used for flowers or lettering.

ROYAL ICING: A hard icing used as glue and also tops my cookies.  Royal icing is delicious and sets up hard after it dries.... somewhat like a candy.

I hope this helps!  If you need further explanation or don't see the term you are looking for, please contact me!