Cookies for a baby boy jungle themed shower.... made to match invites.

Birthday cookies going to Florida!
Cookies for a birthday on the go!  The birthday girl and her family were on their way to Florida and couldn't take a cake with them.... cookies are the next best thing!
Cookies for a Minnie Mouse birthday party!

For a watermelon themed birthday!

 Goodies for a baby shower!

 Cookie Cupcake toppers... great way to customize toppers to your party cupcakes.  And yummy too!

 Mallard Drake cookies..... airbrushed in green and brown
 Camo party hat! 
 This along with the mallard drake and party hat went home in goodie bags for Isaac's birthday party guests
 Easter agg cookies

 Game day cookies!  Football plays on a square cookie

The players each got their own personalized cookie along with a game play and play call cookie
Replica of a wedding cake I am making.... a little treat to take on the honeymoon! 

And one for the groom!

 A cookie platter to celebrate a dear friends engagement!
Wedding dress in sanding sugar and pink pearls... all edible.

                         Another wedding dress!  This one with sanding sugar and a royal icing ribbon rose.
More of the engagement platter!

Easter bunny!

All three wedding cake cookies

To accompany a birthday boy's firetruck birthday cake!

Close up of the wedding cake cookie

                                      Another wedding cake
                                           Last wedding cake!

Birthday collection for a pretty lady turning 30!!!!